The Empire Trilogy Book 2

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Her Favor

by Laura R Cole

Her Favor  (The Empire: Book 2)

With her royal parents busy dealing with a crisis in the tribes, Phoenix is left with the duties of emissary to travel to the empire and meet the revered Empress Morvanna. It is a task she is only too happy to do, especially in light of recent events. The empire seems a perfect haven: potions are distributed that ensure crop growth, healing is freely available to all, and its people love their monarch. But amidst the excitement and discoveries, Phoenix finds a darker side to their idyllic lives.

The celebration of Her Favor is not just for the Empress to bestow upon each of her citizens her blessing, but it is also the only thing that keeps them safe. The reason for heralds’ fear of touching the power becomes all too clear when Phoenix is exposed to the terror first-hand. It leaves her wishing she had been blessed by Her Favor as well…

The Empire Trilogy by Laura R Cole
Book 3 Coming Soon!

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